Blitz Bash 2021 presented by Blitz Belts
Video Submission
Blitz Belts' Blitz Bash is a fun yet challenging online competition designed to push your strength and stamina over the course of five weeks through carefully constructed and demanding weightlifting benchmarks.

Video submission is not mandatory but is necessary for your score to be considered in serious contention for the Blitz Bash online competition. If you are unsure whether or not your score will fall into the likeliness of contention, film and submit it anyways. You may submit your video directly to, submit it to a shareable video upload site easily accessible without a subscription, or upload your video to Instagram and tag @blitzbelts for further review. Your video must be uploaded before the Benchmark submission deadline. Blitz Belts reserves the right to reject a video at discretion or to require submission / resubmission of a video due to clarity or validity concerns. This is a fun event - cheating will not be tolerated.

Video must be continuous (no cuts or edits) and clearly show your full completion of the Blitz Bash Benchmark in accordance with the movement standards, proof of time, and must also clearly show the weights and bar used.

Most of the Blitz Bash Benchmarks will be weight-oriented, but some may utilize a reps for time scheme. In the event a Benchmark is rep/time-based, the Benchmark will last no longer than 60 seconds. Use this information accordingly when planning your video submission.

Scoring & Submission Deadlines
The Blitz Bash Benchmarks are designed to push strength and stamina. Unlike other online qualifiers and competitions which may score based on a varying structure of rounds, reps, times and MAX weight moved, Blitz Bash is primarily scored in total weight (lbs) moved and in rare occasions, reps performed in a short, predetermined time frame. In a weight-based Benchmark points are directly proportional to total weight moved. For instance, after completing a 400lb MAX movement, you will submit a score of "400" via In return you will be issued 400 points. Thus, 400lbs moved is worth 400 points.

In the event of a reps for time Benchmark, you complete 20 reps of a movement (at a pre-set weight) in a predertimed time frame, you will submit a score of 20 and in turn will be issued 20 points. Your score is total reps moved.

The overall winner(s) of Blitz Bash will be determined by the tally of total points earned during the competition - the male and female with the most points will win their respective divisions. The 2021 Blitz Bash offers a General Male/Female Division consisting of ages from 16 to 34 and a Masters Male/Female Division for competitors 35 and older.

Online Submission
Scores will be entered directly through the Blitz Belts website. Simply go to and fill in your information and submit your score.

Score of "Zero"
A score of "0" will be issued to athletes failing to submit their score/video within the allotted time or have found to altered a video or score to gain a favorable outcome. Cheating will not be tolerated. Once a Benchmark window has closed, a score may not be entered or altered. Blitz Belts holds the right to revoke this rule in instances of extreme circumstance. Concerns should be addressed at

Blitz Bash II begins Monday, June 21 and ends Sunday, July 25. Benchmarks are released each week, Monday night at 5 p.m. Eastern Time (EST). You have until the following Sunday at 5 p.m. EST to submit your score and submission video. Benchmarks will remain anonymous and are only released on the date and time outlined in the schedule below.

Benchmark Release / Submission:
BB 2.1: Monday, June 21 @ 5 p.m. EST - Sunday, June 27 @ 5 p.m. EST
BB 2.2: Monday, June 28 @ 5 p.m. EST - Sunday, July 4 @ 5 p.m. EST
BB 2.3: Monday, July 5 @ 5 p.m. EST - Sunday, July 11 @ 5 p.m. EST
BB 2.4: Monday, July 12 @ 5 p.m. EST - Sunday, July 18 @ 5 p.m. EST
BB 2.5: Monday, July 19 @ 5 p.m. EST - Sunday, July 25 @ 5 p.m. EST
BB 2.6: Monday, July 26 @ 5 p.m. EST - Sunday, August 1 @ 5 p.m. EST

You should be familiar with the following movements and be able to perform each movement as outlined in the Blitz Bash Standards for each weekly Benchmark. It is highly recommended that you are intimately familiar with these movements and capable within reason to perform them. Blitz Bash and Blitz Belts do not support nor condone attempting or performing these movements without proper technique, knowledge, safety precautions and supervision and are not responsible for the adherent risks and potential for injury associated with attempting these movements.

List of Movements:

Informed Consent and Waiver
I understand that I consent to voluntarily engage in the movements outlined in the Blitz Bash online competition and that I have been informed that engaging in such movements without the proper training, guidance and professional supervision is unadvised and I voluntarily perform these movements at my own risk.

I have been informed that before performing the outlined movements I should consult a doctor or physician to exclude any pre-existing or unforeseen health risks that may arise or cause harm during my participation in the Blitz Belts' Blitz Bash online competition. I also understand that if a medical condition arises during the Blitz Bash online competition, I have been informed to forfeit my participation to avoid greater risks to my health and well being, and that by continuing I understand and accept the responsibility of completing the competition and the adherent risks within.

By selecting the check box and continuing to compete in the Blitz Belts' Blitz Bash online competition, I fully adhere to the possible risks associated with performing the outlined movements and release and hold harmless Blitz Belts, LLC, its affiliated companies, successors and assigns, and its and their officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives, without any limitations, exception, reservation or exclusion, from and against any and all claims, losses, damages or actions whatsoever, including attorney's fees, for injury to person or property, including death, arising out of my participation in any physical activities and movements outline by Blitz Belts, LLC.

I have read and understand the rules and guidelines for Video Submission for the Blitz Belts' Blitz Bash online competition.

I have read and understand the risks outlined in the Informed Consent and Waiver for participation in the Blitz Belts' Blitz Bash online competition.

I have read and understand the movements that I should be familiar with and may be required to perform during the Blitz Belts' Blitz Bash online competition.

I have read and understand the rules and guidelines for Scoring and Submission Deadlines for the Blitz Belts' Blitz Bash online competition.

I consent and give permission to Blitz Belts, LLC, Blitz Bash and its affiliates to post, share and use my video performance for marketing and advertising as they see fit.

I understand that payment to participate in the Blitz Belts' Blitz Bash online competition is non-refundable and non-transferable to any other person(s) or account.

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